Send me your photos for World Breastfeeding Week!

Happy World Breastfeeding Week! 

To celebrate I thought I'd do something a little different this week. I'd love to have any and all of you send me your personal breastfeeding photos. They don't need to be professional quality. Just send me your snapshots. I will post all the photos I get on Friday. Be sure to include the first names, age of nursling, and location. If you want to include a brief statement about what breastfeeding means to you, please do!

Send all photos as jpegs to redbeanphoto@gmail.com by Thursday at Noon Mountain Time.

Looking forward to seeing your photos! Thanks!


Here's one my husband took of me nursing Asher (23 months here) the day his little sister was born.


Meg and Hazel ~ Breastfeeding at the Park in Salt Lake City, UT


"When I lay with Hazel and she is peacefully at my breast, all is right in the world. This is the precious scene every evening as she falls asleep and every morning as we wake up. Even in the midst of the tough times, I know that this is the most natural and perfect essence of life, and the whole world feels in order.

"I took it for granted that I would breastfeed and I never considered the alternative. But I will never take for granted the innumerable unforeseen and beautiful emotional and spiritual gifts for my daughter and myself. I cannot imagine our coexistence without this precious connection and I am deeply grateful to have it.
"~Meg, mama to 8 month old Hazel



Ann and Elias ~ Breastfeeding at Home in Salt Lake City, UT


"Before my son was born, I had the most romantic picture of breastfeeding. A soft light
entering a quite room, a gentle breeze picking up the edges of the long drapes as my
baby and I look lovingly into each others eyes. I think there may have even been some
sweet lullabies caressing our eardrums and a soft focus on the lens as we drifted in and
out of our nursing haze in this fantasy. Even my mom, who raised two breastfed babies
in the 70’s, talked about how wonderful her experience was feeding my brother and then
me for almost three years, contributed to my breastfeeding fantasy. All the reading I did
said that it was the best thing a mother can do for her baby, from the amazing abilities of
mother’s milk to provide antibodies and immune support to a new life, but also healthy
bones, brain function, bonding, and even teeth and jaw development. I was determined
that I would exclusively breastfeed my baby! So I went out and bought the Womanly Art
of Breastfeeding and between reading my Bradley Birth class homework and an amazing
amount of information on delivering a baby, I found out all about breastfeeding. Now all
I needed was a baby to nurse and I could put all I had learned into action. I was ready. I
was determined. I had no idea!

"My beautiful son Elias was born at 7:59 in the morning on July 24. He is perfect. All the
toes and fingers were counted and recounted. I couldn’t have asked for a more conscious,
kind, loving, supportive birth. A few minutes after he was born I was ready to start my
beautiful breastfeeding experience. And as far as I knew that was what I was doing. Elias
latched on and was nursing. I looked down at him and was filled with an amazing joy and
wonder that this was really my life now!

"My beautiful start to breastfeeding changed quickly. Weight loss, poor latch, and lots of
tears later we found out, with the amazing support and help from two Le Leche League
leaders, that Elias was tongue-tied, causing him to just not get enough when he did latch
on. After a simple procedure to clip his frenulum, my beautiful breastfeeding relationship
returned, well for the most part! Clogged milk ducts and mastitis aside, Elias is thriving
and 11 months after he was born he is still nursing and constantly signing ‘milk’.
Because of my struggles and eventual success with breastfeeding I feel very strongly
about the need for a supportive team of women to encourage and educate new mothers as
we embark on the journey that is breastfeeding. I also know that my son has been on the
receiving end of the most nutritious and beneficial start to life possible. For that reason
I pump extra breast milk and have donated it to the Mother’s Milk Bank in Denver,
Colorado and continue to donate my precious milk to a local Salt Lake City couple so
they too can offer their baby the best start possible, even though they can’t breastfeed."
~Ann, mama to 11 month old Elias



why there haven't been new posts

My apologies for the lack of posting here. I do have photos to put up but I've been a little busy. How come?

We welcomed Miriam Dawn into the world on June 23rd! We had a beautiful homebirth even though she was breech. If you'd like to read the birth story click here.

Of course I've been doing a lot of breastfeeding lately. I'm still nursing my 23 month old too. Tandem nursing is an adventure! I will have to get some photos of that up here eventually. For now I thought you might like to see some of Miriam's first breastfeeding moments.